Update on Piglets Dispersal

Update on Piglet Dispersal

On January 15, 2020 at about 3:00PM, personnel of SDN PPO led by PEMS Luciano R Ocliaso Jr, PCAD PNCO, conducted piglet dispersal to the new lucky recipient of Project “Baktin” in Barangay Bonifacio, Surigao City in coordination with Ms. Jane Altres of Bonifacio Day Care Center Teacher and coordinator of the Project.

The dispersed piglets were from Mrs Esterlita Layson, earlier beneficiary of the project “Baktin” who finished rearing and able to produce seven (7) piglets. As agreed, she will share two (2) piglets for another beneficiary and continuity of the said project. Mr Rolly Enayon and Mr Silvert Layson are the new recipient and was grateful of the opportunity for being one of the beneficiaries of the project “Baktin”.

Mr Celso Layson husband of the Mrs Esterlita Layson gave his deepest appreciation to the said project because they able to sell the two(2) piglets worth P5,000 and it was a big help to their family in their financial situation.

Updated: January 16, 2020 — 7:46 am