Press Release March 15, 2021-Statement at Police Regional Office 13 regarding leaflets in CPP-NPA

The leaflets in CPP-NPA are monitoring in our intelligence community that are named after the police Regional Office (PRO) 13 officers who are more than the case of murder, retribution in cases where there is no accurate evidence , and forced to surrender to civilians thinking of NPA.
From this, PRO13 made it clear that all operations of local police units are legitimate and it follows court’s rule on reserving warrants of arrest and search warrants.
Any accused, whatever life status, has the right to remove a lawyer and defend himself in court according to the provisions of basic law.
The NPA is desperate because of the successive harassment of their colleagues where most of them are wanted or sought for terrible crimes. They are already afraid of the continuous loss of community support for their event.
On the other hand, the surrender of Militia ng Bayan members, active members of CPP-NPA, and the incoming masses proves that many have already awakened to the fact that armed struggle has no future.
The PNP and AFP are serious in the counterinsurgency drive against terrorists who for years have served as a barrier to peace and smoothness in our region.
When anyone answers the law, there is no other than CPP-NPA members who have no compassion who killed civilians, fearing communities with weapons, and committing violations like firing and burning.
The AFP and PNP continue to serve with surrounding and dignity to protect the community against CPP-NPA. Nevertheless fear has no room in the hearts of every faithful government staff and the people.
Law and justice will prevail, not terrorism. PRO13 leadership urges all Caraganons to unite against CPP-NPA and help the government to stop local armed opposition.
Get rid of terrorism! I’m waiting for you against CPP-NPA!

Updated: March 16, 2021 — 2:28 am

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