Best Practices

To support the strategic initiatives of SDNPPO, here are our best practices and other initiatives that are contributory towards the realization of PNP PATROL Plan 2030.

Project “Baktin” (SDNPPO project to LOI SAMBAYAN-Livelihood assistance)

In line with the organizational plan Sambayan which aims to generate community partnership and forge a united front for the promotion of peace and order. It is designed to unify and harmonized the efforts of all PCR units and to encourage broad networking, coordination and integration of all related undertakings within the PNP, LGUs, various sectoral groups and people’s organization.

Thus SDN PPO shall organize several sectors of the community as united action against criminality, and shall address the organizational efforts of the communist terrorist and any perceived threats in the community.  Since the enemy effort uses the sectoral approach to mobilize the communities, the PNP shall organize sectors of the society to correspond to their effort.

Along this line, SDN PPO initiated a scheme dubbed as Project “BAKTIN” (piglet dispersal) to the women’s organization of Brgy. Bonifacio, Surigao City.

Project “Municipal Anti Drug Abuse Council Box”

In merging with the C, PNP’s initiative which is strategic focus term as CODE-P 2013 and beyond towards the realization of the PNP PATROL Plan 2030, Placer MPS under the leadership of PSI JEFFREY S TAMAYO, Chief of Police, together with the Local Government of Placer under the leadership of Hon. Felimon Villanueva Napuli and close supervision of Hon. SB Member Roberto S Lerio Jr, Project Coordinator of Municipal Anti Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) initiated a project that would be essential to address the identification of Drug Personalities of the Municipality. The project aimed to aid the Placer MPS and MADAC in identification of Drug Personalities in every Barangay.

4 in One Patrol (Checkpoint, Curfew, Oplan Bakal and Mobile Patrol)

Concept of Operations

The activities shall be guided by the QUAD concept of Operation (Intelligence, Operation, Police Community Relations and Investigation) with the active support of the community. SDN PPO personnel shall organize team with a minimum of eight (8) personnel per team to conduct 4 in 1 Patrol in strategic / crime prone areas in the city and municipality with marked vehicles. The 4 in 1 Patrol shall be conducted at least once a week or upon the discretion of the COP with following activities as follows;

  1. Conduct of strategic CHECKPOINT/ CHOCKEPOINT at 2000H –2200H to SPOT, STOP and CHECK all vehicles for the implementation of R.A. No. 4136 “Land Transportation and Traffic Code.” & (R.A. 10586) Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013 & NO PLATE NO TRAVEL Policy to prevent / deterrence of Carnapping and thief of single motorcycles in coordination with Land Transportation Office (LTO), City Traffic Administration Office (CTAO) and Highway Patrol Group (HPG).
  2. Conduct of strategic Mobile Patrol in crime prone areas to spot criminals especially engage in thieveries and to Implement Curfew Hours for minors in line with the City/Municipal Ordinance which starts from 10:00 o’clock in the evening to 2:00 o’clock in the morning in coordination with concern Brgy Officials & DSWD Crisis Center.

3. Conduct of Operation Bakal / Sita in all beer houses, Disco Bars, Video-K Bars, and other establishments engaged in night time business in coordination with the business owners.

Updated: January 15, 2020 — 7:47 am